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In giving our lives away, we find meaning.

Who are we?

Success Stories Africa is the umbrella conference for youth empowerment in Africa, which continues to increase the number of empowered youths above the weaklings.

Widely regarded as the most impacting convention of young Africans in developing communities, Success Stories Africa is an annual empowering gathering of young people who want to create the future and make a difference.

Success Stories Africa provides an illuminating, life-transforming experience aimed at availing less priviledged Africans the opportunity to be empowered by the stories of some of Africa’s brightest young achievers.

Stories inspire. Stories challenge. Stories transform lives. Over the years, we have successfully held major illuminating, life-transforming editions across Nigeria with overwhelming feedback of transformed lives.

We have, so far, reached over 17,000 youths directly and indirectly. Our aim to empower five million young Africans by 2030.